eJuice Liquids

images (3)People who use vaporizers understand that not all eJuice liquids were created equal. Many liquids contain different contents from flavor to nicotine strengths which are pleasing to certain users. A liquid that is not aged may in fact not be strong enough or pleasing to a user than enjoys aged liquids.


Also a variety of flavors is needed to help allow more vape users to possibly get the taste they enjoy. Blends are also taking off as being very popular to the vaping community as some no longer enjoy one taste but insteadE want to experience different mixes of eJuices. At Five Pawns eJuice there are numerous things a user can purchase from the site ranging from eJuices, parts and even apparel.

Features eJuices


Currently the site is offering some featured eJuices that are new to the scene and also introduce a new taste for users. All of these eJuices can be purchased in any nicotine strength from 0mg to 18mg. The juices below are currently available at this current time as the featured juices on the site:

  • Absolute Pin (a blend of Cinnamon, Irish Cream, Caramel and Absinthe)
  • Perpetual Check ( a blend of Lemon Zest, Sweet Fig, Barley and Cinnamon)
  • Lucena (a blend of Clingstone White Peach)
  • The tastes is of Peach Cobbler, Rum and Hazlenut
  • Queenside ( a blend of Citrus and French Vanilla)
  • Bowden’s Mate ( a blend of Mint, Chocolate and French Vanilla

The above are some of the featured flavors that were created in a blend for vape users. All of the flavors are aged properly and for a specific time frame, meaning that the flavor will be stronger than liquids made fresh. Some users do not want liquids that are freshly made at locations as the flavor is not fully captured with a quick mixture. The longer a mixture is left alone, the longer the flavors have to fuse together in order to create a strong and tasteful blend.

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At Five Pawns eJuice every liquid is aged properly for its users as they are all pre-made to ensure a perfect age process. Also all ingredients used to create the liquids are presented to the purchaser on the site without any type of confusion. Five Pawn eJuices is a trusted seller of eJuices, as being a trusted company the vape user is safe.